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Gyan Dip Vidyalaya

 (Run Under Shahapur Educational & Welfare Society C12AA & 80G Approved) 
 (Affiliated to C.B.S.E, Affiliation Number: 330852) 
 (An ISO 9001 : 2014 Certified School) 



The curriculum followed in classes is based on NCERT guidelines, although several innovations which have been introduced after great research and study. Till class V the curriculum is thematic-based. The idea behind this is to seamlessly integrate various subjects with a common thread which pertains to practical aspect of life. This gives our students a holistic view and allows them to apply knowledge and correlate various subjects to real-life circumstances.
From Class VI onwards, formal subjects are introduced like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Political Science, etc. Books followed are from NCERT but the methodology of delivery is totally unique which has been developed in consultation with leading experts. Lessons are planned so, that students get to learn their subjects in a practical manner with lots of projects and activities.
Cutting across all classes we have integrated certain programmes that fulfill some very basic needs of education which are ignored these days. These include the Reading-Writing and-Thinking (RWT) programme, and L & TS (Learning and Thinking skills). We realise the importance of reading and writing in this modern age and students are encouraged to give more stress on reading and writing as well. Similarly L & TS is aimed at providing students a practical hands-on approach to the real world which awaits them once they step-out of the safe cocoon of the school life. Through L &TS we strive to impart leadership qualities, the evils of physical and drug abuse, and practical health issues in our students.
The Academic Programmes at gyan dip vidyalayal is comprehensive so as to enable the students to develop intellectually and attain growth in personality. The prescribed syllabus aside, there are additional resources and infrastructure provided for the students to attain maximum developments. Regular and adequate assesment of the students is a part of the academic programme.


G.D.K.V has one of the best Co-curricular programme to ensure the overall development of students. Health and Physical Education forms an integral part of the syllabi. So does performing and visual arts. Environmental consciousness also figures very prominently on this agenda.As such, the bulk of the co-curricular programme is implemented through Thursday Activities and sessions held every Friday.
Apart from these several on- and off-campus programmes include excursions and trips, and inter- and intra-school competitions. Students are encouraged to develop their leadership skills through a house system that is governed by a prefectorial body.
During summer vacations, camps are organised with inputs from outside experts in several streams which include audio-visual workshops, dramatics, swimming, art appreciation, creative writing, etc. To encourage and enthuse students, interactive sessions are conducted throughout the year with visiting experts and celebrated artists.


The Academic Assessment is an important task for teaching and learning process hence the Assessment pattern has been developed as per the NCERT guidelines. Instead of individual achievement, the stress is to analyse what the peer group has been able to learn in the classroom inducing a spirit to use the knowledge base in real life situations. The entire session is divided into two semesters whereby the CCE (Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation) is followed for all classes.
To evaluate students’ academic performance, periodic formative tests of Objective /Subjective nature are conducted every Semester. Apart from this there are Semester Exams and Pre-Board Exams for assessing the CBSE level of understanding and application. Till class III there are no formal exams as such.